Blood and Ashes: Kindra Sowder Guest Post

Hello everyone, and thank you James for letting me take over! As some know, but a lot don’t, I am am author as well as CEO, founder, and President of budding independent press Burning Willow Press.   On Sunday, January 11th, I made my debut as an author with my dark/urban fantasy “Follow the Ashes” and it has seen quite a lot of ups since. I couldn’t be more proud.

So, I’m sure everyone is wondering what it is about. It is about a young woman    named Robin who is juggling life as a   young woman AND the Executioner,   killer of the undead. And that’s just how. she sees it until she meets Gordon, a. crazed demon with a conscience. He. changes everything, but not before an. even more powerful evil than she’s ever. faced before makes her appearance and. it is up to Robin to save the world. .

My crew at BWP has been my saving grace when getting FTA ready to go, and we are going strong. It is available for purchase on Kindle and will be available in print as soon as the end of the week! I have to say, the future sure is bright. If you would like more information on me, my work, or BWP, all associated links are below.



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Blood_Soaked_And_GoneThere’s a giveaway going on! Until 2/17/2015 you can enter to win a hand forged knife (made by yours truly; $350 value, and more info can be seen here), a bespoke short story with you as the main character (any genre you like; priceless), or a set of all three Blood Soaked e-books (or trade up to a page of my hand written notes for plotlines that never happened…or have yet to happen)!

All you have to do to enter is spread the good word on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me @crawford4033, and like my author page on Facebook. Then drop me a line at (that way I know you’re you). BANG! You’ll be entered!

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