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Sometimes it can be a little crazy-making, having ideas that won’t give up. The Manleigh Cheese logo is one of those annoying things that won’t let me be. These are the newest out of the batch.

I’m also being tormented by the book cover itself. I want to paint it, but am worried that I’m too close to the story to do a good job. This is why my wife designed the Blood Soaked covers…She’s a designer, after all.

On top of all this is a distinct possibility that MC might see the light of day, and if that happens, I need to get cracking on the sequel. Unfortunately, my creative thrust has been on “Cassidy Unboxed.”

I guess it is possible that Manleigh Cheese 2 intimidates me, even though I’ve got almost a full notebook of plot ideas. The characters are quiet about it all, and I (for once) wish they’d speak up.

The author’s life, or the commonality of names

Cassidy Unboxed
Cassidy Unboxed

So, I was writing a scifi comedy called “Patience Unboxed,” and an author followed my Twitter account. When I checked out his author page, I found that he’d not only written a book that was thematically similar, but the main female character’s name was Patience, too.
I’ll be honest, I swore mightily. I’d become really attached to the character and her name, but I knew I had to change the name if nothing else. Really, there’s no such thing as a new plot or a new trope, so there wasn’t much point in altering that.
So, the new title is “Cassidy Unboxed.” Same great story, same goofy characters, but a different female lead. I hope that changing her name doesn’t change anything else, because she’s sweet.