At Hell’s Gates 2

At Hell's Gates 2

I’m incredibly proud to be part of this project in the latest anthology. This time, I wrote a horror story that deviates from my usual style. I think you’ll like it.

Also, I want to remind you that the proceeds from the At Hell’s Gates books go to charity, specifically the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. If you have family that served in our armed forces, currently serve, of you have, you know how important this is for all of us.

While I did not serve in the military, my father and grandfather did. In their own ways, they were heroes, too. To be a part of this is to honor our modern heroes who follow in a long line of noble people who did their duty.

Please pick up a copy when it is released.

Thank you.

Busy and working on a contest

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while. That includes adding more to the 19 Puffs of Smoke story. Being busy is an awful excuse, but it happens to be true.

My writing has been second priority for a few weeks, and might stay that way or a little while. That being said, I am working on an idea or two centered around Blood Soaked and Gone. A contest giveaway. Yes, a giveaway to warm up interest in the series!

Would you give me some thoughts on prizes I’m considering? They are a knife (made by me), a custom short story involving the winner, or maybe a walk on role in book 4.

Speaking of Blood Soaked 4, I am writing it, slowly. I find that trying to write three books at once is challenging. If my brain explodes, I’d like you all to remember me fondly. Okay?

You might find this interesting. As you know, I’m helping out a non-profit get started. It looks like I’ll be spearheading another startup organization with ties very close to my heart. I can’t tell you the URL, because they’re only starting to build it now, but I will say the group focuses on wounded warrior rehab…in a VERY unique way.

Trust me, once things get started, I’ll tell you all about it. I’m tremendously excited to be a part of what they’re building.

Ciao for now. I will exhort you, as usual, to be fabulous people, and create great communities to survive the coming end of civilization as we know it.

Two recent reviews of BSAC on Amazon

The first was a 2-star. This person felt talked to death by Frank. Okay. I can sort of see that. First person personal often comes across that way.

The one from 53 minutes ago was that the book was too slow. I have to say, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that.

Reviews, positive, negative, or otherwise, give you insight into who reads your books. It also lets you look at your writing style from “outside” yourself.

So, the “talked to death” reviewer reminds me that I do have a tendency to write more dialog than is absolutely necessary. I know where that comes from: me. I’m intensely verbal, prone to speak my mind, and have a 7th grade sense of humor. Oh, and I’m a serious nerd.

As for the too slow comment, that could dovetail into the talked to death. Interesting points of view.

So, to my latest reviewers, I appreciate your comments. It doesn’t mean I’ll change things, since #3 is coming out in 2/15, but it allows me to think about how I write in connection to other projects.

Cheers on Digestion Day/Black Friday.