Where have I been

Happy new year!

I set aside the Leaving Depression project. The past is difficult to look at when the present is so amazing. At some point, I’m going to have to work on the non-fiction book I was planning to write, but it intimidates the hell out of me right now.

Lately, I’ve been working on a brand new book, a supernatural action novel with a strong female hero. In the middle of that, I’ve been looking at following through with a sequel to Manleigh Cheese. I’m not sure I could delay more on that if I tried.

What I’m hoping to do, now that a new year as dawned, is complete Bleeding the Little Lambs, work on Manleigh Cheese 2, and start the Bleeding the Little Lambs sequel. Before you even ask if a sequel is necessary, let me tell you that it will be. I’m not really planning a cliffhanger ending, as much as realizing that the story needs more than one book to complete. (On the off chance that a cliffhanger happens, I hope you’ll forgive me.)

Thanks for looking in on my update. I’ll try to get more content on here as the year progresses.

I hope your day will be fabulous, and a precursor of great things to come.

What’s next

I promised I’d tell you what’s next. It’s http://www.leavingdepression.com. You’ll find me there more often than here. I hope to post weekly, if not more frequently.


A change coming

A change is coming to the course of my writing. Fiction has dried up on me, and non-fiction is opening up. For the time being, that’s the direction I feel I need to take.

In the not too distant future, I’ll be starting a new website and blog about my experiences with, and recovery from, depression. There’s a lot to be said that needs to be, and a lot of people who could be helped (or at least not feel so alone) by my story.

I got lucky. I have a psychiatrist who is very close to the cutting edge of the field, and I was given an opportunity to try a new method of diagnosing my problems. I learned A LOT, and my treatment was changed completely.

In some ways, I’m not the guy who wrote horror novels anymore. I’m the guy who COULD (if the muse was around), but doesn’t NEED to write them. My demons are in check now.

When everything is in place, I’ll be sure to drop a note here to let you know where to find me…unless you know me personally, and then you already know where I am. Creepy.