I want to make it official, Blood Soaked 4 is in progress

I think I’m at a point in the manuscript where I can definitively say that I like it enough to keep working on it. Things are just under 10k words at the moment, but the tone is pretty clear, and plot forks are already developing.

The title is “Blood Soaked and Denied.”

I don’t know if my publisher will pick this one up or not, but they do have a 180 day exclusive consideration period. That basically means that I can’t shop it until 180 days after the manuscript is finished, and Permuted decides they don’t want it.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give you some kind of teaser from the work in progress, so here it is.

Matthew, my son, will fall asleep in his mother’s arms. He’ll get a rest from having a brain the size of a planet, and a body that has trouble crawling. At least he doesn’t sprout pseudopods and sucker-walk his way up walls. That’s his daddy’s job.

Respond to a negative review?

Yes. I did.

The most recent review for BSAC was a 1 star from someone who really didn’t like the idea of sentient zombies. I’m grateful that this person downloaded my book during the free promotion that my publisher is running, because I would have felt bad otherwise.

There’s not a lot an author can do. You can’t please everyone, and you have to realize that going in. People will simply not like your work because it isn’t to their taste, and they’ll probably say something about it.

That single star will be outweighed, in the end, by every person who LIKES what I’ve done. In fact, I woke up to a message on my FB page from someone who got BSAC for free and then bought BSAI. She read them back to back and wants to know where #3 is.

See? Life is good.

Good morning, I have an opinion.

This entered my world today.

You know I’m not one to respond to much, but this frosts me. While it is true that not all writers are good ones, and not all authors will make money (or even publish in the traditional way), the underlying discrimination in the article is plain… and as far as I’m concerned, detrimental to the writer’s craft as a whole.

Why? That person who has yet to attain Kozlowski-Author status may reach it in time. Crush their spirit before they get there, and they may not continue. Without their work and participation in the world of writing, we stand to lose something

The thing that we lose has no distinct measurement: the passion and energy of a new writer. Coupled with that, we lose their potential participation in writer’s groups, critical pursuits, and brainstorming sessions.

Is being elitist worth the loss of potential participants?

My personal point of view is closer to the old British legal concept of “the thing and the very thing.”

If it is made of flour, a liquid, yeast, and baked, it is bread.

If you write a book, published or not, you are an author.

If you write at all, you are a writer.

As a former art student, and fine artist, I can teach ANYONE to draw. That is simply technique. The student’s passion, interest, innate talent, and willingness to practice, dictate their chances of success. Being a writer, or an author, is no different.

Modern electronic publishing, whether it is web content, fiction, non-fiction, short, or long, is a gaping maw. There is room for everyone. Success will happen for individuals like it always does, as a combo platter of serendipity, recognition, and excellence of work.