Ooo, this one is SHARP

LitReactor dropped a post about my experience and I wanted to address it.

First of all, thank you LitReactor. Secondly, let me correct the numbers.

I estimate that the total number of e-books given away is between 6,014 and 6,111. When I signed up, I did so at the 35% royalty, which gave me a yield of about $1.75 per copy. Using the bigger of the two numbers, the total dollar value on the accidental giveaways is $10,694.25. Not an inconsequential number, to be sure, but not quite so horrible as LitReactor’s math.

Now, I mentioned yesterday that KDP actually CALLED me. (I’ve actually got a name, email address and telephone number for this chap.) So, let me update you on this development.

It boils down to the following points:

  • They stand by the terms of the contract (ie. no compensation for their mistake)
  • They are grateful for my help as a test/training case for customer service
  • They have never seen an issue quite like this one before
  • My concerns were not handled promptly enough
  • My issue was not dealt with in an empathetic manner
  • Gosh, we really appreciate you talking to us about this
  • We want to research the entire chain of events and will get back to you in a day or two

No, there don’t appear to be dollar signs here. Should there be? I can’t say because I’m not a lawyer. Regardless, there is a silver lining.

This experience has, as many people have pointed out, given me a level of exposure I wouldn’t have achieved otherwise. I am grateful for it, more than a little taken aback by it, and am determined to make the best of it. That being said, if you’d like a different take on the Zombie genre, buy the book from Smashwords. Tell your friends if you’ve read it and liked it.

I am grateful for your help, advice, blogging, purchases, and comments.

Please support your local independent artisans, writers, farmers, and each other. We can succeed together. (Buy and read Cindy Young-Turner’s “Thief of Hope”. Subliminal advertising.)

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