A funny thing happened in the shower

I was imagining tomorrow’s installment of Manleigh Cheese, and I had an idea that would allow me to wrap up the story sooner, with more drama, and probably more forks to build a sequel around. I’m trying to decide if I want to do that or not.

Without giving too much away, I could have the climax occur on the White House lawn. It would take days of installments to create a resolution for such madness. I don’t believe the plot would suffer, but there would be more unanswered questions. The plot points that would be left hanging would be:

  1. Who/what is John Frost?
  2. Who is Etty Pendy-Frost?
  3. What kind of success does Manleigh Cheese enjoy post-climax? Freakish notoriety, I’m sure. This might not be the best thing in the universe.
  4. Where were Murky and his friendly coven members during this whole thing? The Pendy family, too?
  5. What/who on the spirit world side of things has seen all of this, and do they have a problem with it? If so, what will happen with that conflict.
  6. Do Logan and Patti get married/shack up/nookie?
  7. How do you keep the government out of John and Etty’s business?

So, there are quite a few plot points I need to consider before choosing the new climax over the original plan. I don’t want to trade brevity for completeness and enjoyment.

Still, don’t you think having the President go rip-roaring insane would make a few smashing story installments?

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