A fascination from my crafty life.

Chasing and repousse are complimentary decorative metal arts that never cease to amaze me. I’ll also add hand engraving to that list, because it is a skill that is eluding me… and I hate skills that I can’t learn, or have STEEP learning curves.

You’ve seen some of my chasing and repousse work on this site already. Those were crafted using a substitute for real chasing pitch, made from melted sealing wax, beeswax, and gypsum powder. Up to a point, it works fairly well, but not when you want detail; it is too soft.

Earlier this week, I sucked it up and ordered real chasing pitch from Chasers Pitch, and the difference is amazing. I posted these examples on my metalcraft blog, but I thought I’d share them here, too.

New chasing and repousse examples. Copper, fine silver, and brass.

So, this is why I haven’t added to Manleigh Cheese today. Metal craft took up my writing time yesterday.

Of course, the question is… now that I can do this… What do I do with all these little pieces of art I’m making?

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