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James Crawford, him that writes the things

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James Crawford

I’m a writer, artist, amateur bladesmith, and subversive suburbanite (when no one else is looking). I’d also like to confess that I hate writing bios.

Back in the mists of 9th grade, I wrote a short story. It was a suspenseful little thing, and it creeped out my entire class, teacher included. That was probably when the writing muse first nibbled on my earlobe.

I went to Washington College, and followed a different muse: fine art. From there, like a cheap date, I followed many muses into various jobs and careers. When 2010 rolled along, the writing muse struck back.

The next thing I knew, I was in denial that I was writing a novel. That was the first draft of “Blood Soaked and Contagious.”

Here, some years later, there are three books in that series. There might even be a fourth on the way, but I can neither confirm nor deny.

I think the writing muse has teeth.

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