The Official Drinking Game

Blood Soaked and DrinkingWhen the President of your publishing company jokes that you need a drinking game based on the title of your book series, you hop to it.

Welcome to the Official Drinking Game of the Blood Soaked Series! The results can be shocking. You will laugh. You will weep. You will drink.


  1. Every participant takes a turn finishing the phrase “Blood Soaked and…”
  2. Successful efforts are awarded 5 points. (Attempts that make the players groan in pain are considered successful.)
  3. Creative vocabulary is awarded 3 points.
  4. Meh efforts are awarded 1 point.
  5. Players who can’t think of a word/adjective must drink*.
  6. Players who repeat previous words or adjectives must drink*.
  7. The player still standing, possessing the most points, wins.

Here’s an example: “Blood Soaked and Effulgent.” I’d get 3 points for vocabulary, even if the attempt is pretty “Meh”.

* Suggested drinks for this game are as follows: a Brain Hemorrhage, an Alien Secretion, cheap whiskey (straight), expensive Tequila, or an as yet unnamed drink consisting of 1/2 shot of Kraken rum and 1/2 shot of coffee lic… liqeu… Kahlua-like substance in a shot glass.

Please play safely. Use designated drivers. Send me pictures of the person who lost. Even authors need a good laugh.

Addendum: I have created an appropriate drink. I call it a “Dirty Frank” after the main character. It is a martini with a Vienna sausage instead of an olive. I’ll be damned if I’ll drink one, but I’ll watch other people do it.

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