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That’s the sound of an author in “Writer’s Slump”. Here, I made you a picture.

Writer's Slump

I am trying to work on “Blood Soaked and Gone”, but it is slow going. The first 80k pages are pretty good, but I hit a slump and started writing the climax. There are about 5k words there, maybe more. It is taking that 80 to the point where it can logically meet that 5… OUAAARGH!

Second cup of coffee.

Did you know that I cook, too?

Never again will I fry polenta.

I’ll bake it. I’ll broil it in broth.
Maybe I’ll mash it up with cream.

I’ll Posh Nosh it thoroughly.

Never again will I fry polenta.
There are tiny burns on my arms.

I slid around the floor, lubed up,

As our smoke alarm went insane.

Never again will I fry polenta.
It inspires the strangest things,
Like a post-repast tilt at poetry.
Mostly, though, I feel real greasy.

Well, that’s a little creepy.

My friend, Heidi, the woman who edited the second edition of Blood-Soaked and Contagious, tweeted me yesterday. Her 13 year-old niece is reading it, and apparently loves it.

I never intended it to be a YA novel… but it seems as though my writing entertains young people, too. I do wonder what will happen when she gets to the sexually-charged material in the last quarter of the novel. Wait, there’s sex-related stuff all over in that book. Shit.

Please, God, I don’t want to be a form of sex education for America’s Troubled Youth!