I’m sorry I haven’t been updating

A lot of personal changes have been rolling out, and I need to take time to deal with them. Unfortunately, all of my creative pursuits have suffered, too. With any luck, and a few weeks adjustment, I can start writing again.

My metal work, knifemaking, and things like that will probably be drastically reduced, too, for an extended period of time. That’s largely limitations due to living situation: no shop space.

On the other hand, my fine art side has risen to the challenge. Watercolor doesn’t take a room full of grinders, dust, and tools, to make happen. I’ll admit that I’m an oil painting kind of guy, but watercolor has been one of those unmastered skills that I’ve always wanted to lock in.

I suppose what I might be trying to say, in a round about way, is that your creativity is always with you. It will find cracks in the hustle, stress, pain, and fear, to give you release…and actualize itself. No matter what is going on, you are more than the sum of events, emotional burdens, and everything that comes your way.

I hope for you, that you have your “thing” and you allow it to work through you. That might sound a little spiritual, but I think there’s value in that.

Time will heal, books will get written, art will happen, and life will keep moving. That’s how it will be for me, and how it will be for you, too.

Manleigh Cheese!

Manleigh Cheese book cover
Lisa Vasquez’s Cover Design for Manleigh Cheese

On 6/20, Manleigh Cheese will be published. This is the cover design from Burning Willow Press, and the talented Lisa Vasquez. I am beyond thrilled over the whole thing.

I was going back and forth over self-publishing it, and submitted it to BWP on a lark. They liked it, sent me a contract, and even let me tweak it. For those of you who haven’t worked with publishers, altering a contract isn’t usually as simple as it was with them. Not only am I thrilled, I’m grateful!

For those of you who might not be familiar with this book, friends of mine suggested that I give urban fantasy a try, and it never hurts to stretch your creativity. I serialized most of it here on my website as I wrote it, much like I was doing with “19 Puffs” (which I still plan to finish). Of course, you won’t find those pages now.

Just like with the Blood Soaked series, I ended up creating a cast of interesting characters that aren’t normal. They’re pleasantly odd, rather than slightly unhinged. I like them all quite a bit, and almost wish they were real.

I am grateful that these guys don’t show up in my daydreams with opinions about the plot. That gets disconcerting after a while.

The plot follows the unexpected adventures of Logan Manleigh, Donna Abrams, and John Frost, owners and operators of the Manleigh Cheese food truck in Washington, DC.

They receive an offer that, locally, virtually guarantees press coverage and success: an invitation to cater an event at the White House. There’s no way that Logan wouldn’t accept an offer like that. Fame. Money. High likelihood of a very interesting experience. He does, and things proceed to get a little strange from there.

Of course, they get more than they bargained for. Many of the characters get more than they bargained for.

Manleigh Cheese has evil bad guys, fairies, pagans, dairy farmers, and high level government conspiracies. Oh, and probably a little sex, too. I won’t tell you more than that. You’ll just have to buy it when it comes out.

I’ve mentioned before that I have notes up to book five in this series. That’s not entirely true. I have plotted out #6, too.

As always, thank you for reading, reviewing, and supporting new authors. Keep up the good work!

Some updates

I haven’t been posting lately because life has been all sorts of busy.

I mentioned on social media that “Manleigh Cheese” is now going to be published by Burning Willow Press. This is probably the best thing to happen to me all year, so far. I’m working with some really dedicated people, and the contract is one of the best I’ve seen in my short time as a professional author.

Along those lines, I have started on the sequel to “Manleigh Cheese,” and have plot notes that extend into at least two more after that. Amazing!

“Cassidy Unboxed,” isn’t finished, and I’m holding it on the back burner until I get “Manleigh Cheese 2″ out of my head.

The same goes for “19 Puffs,” and “Daisy Children.” I just can’t focus on all of these at once.

A friend recommended that I start individual notebooks for my projects, and I’m really glad I took that bit of advice. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Oh, speaking of writing in notebooks, I accept donations and gifts of fountain pens. I’m so thoroughly addicted now, it isn’t even funny.

On the zombie side of my writing career, “Blood Soaked and Gone,” is back into the top 100 on Kindle Horror Comedy. Yes, my other books were mismarketed…however, they’ve started selling again. Not a lot, but some. I’m good with that…and I think I’ve completely rewired the plot of book 4, “Blood Soaked and Denied.”

Yes, I said it. There will be a Blood Soaked 4. It will not be published by Permuted Press. Chances are, I’ll self pub it.

What bothers me is that I see a place where I could write a fifth. I do not want to keep adding “power ups” to characters to keep a series going. My goal is to find loopholes in characters’ assumptions, and decisions, in order to tell a story that makes sense. That’s also why I don’t let characters know everything about who and what they are; they have to figure it out on their own.

Life does not come with an instruction manual. Writing sure as hell doesn’t.

Anyhow, that’s the news from my messy desk. I hope you guys are well!