BSAC got a 1-star review on Amazon

I know, we’re not supposed to respond to bad reviews, but this one snagged my attention.

Allow me to quote the review from Janice:

Not my kind of book. Too much gore. Couldn’t finish it. Didn’t even make it to the half way point.

Here’s my response:

Janice, it is a zombie book. Traditionally, aren’t they chock full of violence? I think I could write something with passive, Buddhist, or Hare Krishna, zombies…but really, what would they do except offer me a finger when it falls off?

I’m sorry. I know I was a Bad Author, but I couldn’t help myself. Will you forgive me?


I think I know what I did wrong now.

As per usual, my book sales are lackluster. I think there are two (three?) reasons for this.

  1. My publisher’s delay in releasing Blood Soaked and Gone, even in ebook format.
  2. My decision to inject comedy and schmaltz into a genre where people can be purists about their horror.
  3. I could also call my lack of skill as a self-marketer into question as a possible third reason.

Cross marketing for the semi-unknown author seems to be a key aspect of cracking the sales wall. Personal engagements in independent stores also seems to help. Attending conventions and talking to people does a bit, too.

This is difficult when you’re an introvert.

I’ve also advised other people in similar situations, to actually tell your readership what you’d like them to do. Let me do that again. If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written, already in print, or here on my site, please feel free to share that with people you know. Word of mouth is still key.

Thank you everybody! Have a great weekend!