Commentary on Permuted’s changes

I originally posted most of this on our Facebook group.

Now then, I was one of the “select few” at the meeting in Nashville where all of this stuff was unveiled. Talking with Wilson later on Sunday, I got the distinct impression that discussing these matters with us first was a test to see how the news would impact the community of authors. Call it “test marketing.” We were guinea pigs.

The irony is, based on my often-faulty memory, is that we were pretty quiet…not because it didn’t hack us off, I don’t think…Some of us I bet, sat back and went, “Oh, dear. This will not go well at all.” I was in that group.

That’s about when I dropped my “Why should I stay?” if memory serves.

My contracts, from Jacob Kier, essentially say that my manuscripts will be published AT WILL, with no guarantees of print or actually seeing the light of day. I had to refresh my memory on that one yesterday. So, for me, Permuted Press isn’t TECHNICALLY doing anything wrong by me.

Let me reiterate: Permuted Press is doing nothing that violates my contracts. It is a business decision on their part to cut a program that is consuming a ton of time, but not producing appreciable cash flow. Simple. Sucks, but it makes sense.

Are my feelings hurt? Yes. Is my faith in the publishing biz pissing blood? Yes.

Now, as in Nashville, the reason I’m staying is our team of authors. We are stronger together than apart. Our finest marketing team is one another. Read what we’ve written, review it, blog it, tweet it… know FOR A FACT how amazing our work is. Then meet us, and know how amazing we are as people. That, I promise, will change your point of view.

The negative press will damage Permuted, that’s for sure. All we need to do is wait and see how badly. I dread Scalzi or Wendig getting wind of this.

Whatever you choose, I will always wish you well. May you find success, happiness, and peace. It doesn’t matter if it is with Permuted, self-publishing, Big 6, or another small publisher. Hell, I don’t care if you go to a Buddhist monastery and have a brush with dharma! Just be well.

Now, go buy my stuff on my Etsy store!

As I said, there are changes with my publisher

I’m going to submit Gabrielle Faust’s experience without comment, and then get along to what I’ve got to say. So, Gabrielle.


Blood Soaked and Gone has been pushed back to a tentative February 2015 release. It will be available in e-book formats only. I’m not thrilled, but I grasp their reasoning.

There’s a bright side to Permuted Press killing their print on demand arm. I’m grandfathered into the new program by virtue of having the first two books in print already. The new program is they are working with another provider and distributor. This means (I had to confirm it) my first two titles will be available to order in book stores.

I’ll be able to have real book signings.

Now, what I hope to do, with the blessings of my publisher, is write a novella that takes place between Invaded and Gone. This will be self-published, if I can get it done with everything else that is going on. The tentative titles are “Blood Soaked: Bootleg,” and “Blood Soaked: Black Arm.”

I hope you are all doing well!

Permuted Press changes

My publisher is altering their print-on-demand program, eliminating it on Amazon. I don’t know when the actual change will occur, but if you wanted print copies of Blood Soaked and Contagious or Blood Soaked and Invaded, you’d better get them now.

I don’t know whether Blood Soaked and Gone will be available in print or not, but be sure to snag the e-book when it comes out. I don’t think the 12/16/14 release date has changed, but I’ll be sure to post about it if it does.