The author’s life, or the commonality of names

Cassidy Unboxed
Cassidy Unboxed

So, I was writing a scifi comedy called “Patience Unboxed,” and an author followed my Twitter account. When I checked out his author page, I found that he’d not only written a book that was thematically similar, but the main female character’s name was Patience, too.
I’ll be honest, I swore mightily. I’d become really attached to the character and her name, but I knew I had to change the name if nothing else. Really, there’s no such thing as a new plot or a new trope, so there wasn’t much point in altering that.
So, the new title is “Cassidy Unboxed.” Same great story, same goofy characters, but a different female lead. I hope that changing her name doesn’t change anything else, because she’s sweet.

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