Apocalypse Cutting

There are quite a few more machetes and tomahawks on the market these days, and I love it. Some of them are incredibly well made, and others are stamped shit.

The question that keeps coming up is “What kind of blade should I have to re-kill the risen dead?” I decided to take a whack at answering that question.


You’ll probably not hear this from anyone, but I’ll broach the topic. Do not use a katana unless you’ve got specific training in Japanese martial arts. Why? The cuts and proper techniques are unique. Besides, even o-dachi are not quite long enough to stay out of claw range unless you’ve got skills.


Once again, in the land of Japanese weapons! These are traditional field combat, and home defense blades, respectively. You might find them a bit easier to wrap your brain around. They’re spear-like, except you use swinging cuts. Good for removing heads!


Face it, they’re inexpensive, but utterly inadequate to keep you away from claws.

Western Style Longswords

A better choice in some ways. Double-edge blades are easier for untrained people to understand. You swing it back and forth along a plane, and things get cut.

Knives in general

Only if you have to get close, and be sure to buy blades that are long enough to go through a neck in one pass.

Note: this isn’t even a comprehensive list. Please think about what you need, are comfortable with, and budget before you stock up for the end of the world.