Crossroads in the Dark III is a charity anthology from Burning Willow Press, supporting Ehlers-Danloss Syndrome research.

BWP Vice President’s dedication:

For Tracey, the strongest zebra we know.

The stories, editing, format, cover art and complete production for this anthology in which you are about to read was donated to this anthology in hopes that the proceeds from the sales will help find better treatments and one day a cure, for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. A condition that affects the joints, veins, skin, and connective tissues with some, if not all of them becoming life threatening. Their mascot is the Zebra. The authors and staff at Burning Willow Press believe
there is a cure out there and hope one day, Tracey and all sufferers like her can once again live without pain.

—Edd Sowder, VP Burning Willow Press,Editor at large and general flunky

This anthology includes one of my personal favorite short stories, as well as over twenty other freaky tales from other authors. I’d like to encourage anyone who reads my work, or theirs, to pick up a copy. Your $ will go directly to EDS research to help find effective treatments, and (I hope) a cure.