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Some updates

I haven’t been posting lately because life has been all sorts of busy.

I mentioned on social media that “Manleigh Cheese” is now going to be published by Burning Willow Press. This is probably the best thing to happen to me all year, so far. I’m working with some really dedicated people, and the contract is one of the best I’ve seen in my short time as a professional author.

Along those lines, I have started on the sequel to “Manleigh Cheese,” and have plot notes that extend into at least two more after that. Amazing!

“Cassidy Unboxed,” isn’t finished, and I’m holding it on the back burner until I get “Manleigh Cheese 2” out of my head.

The same goes for “19 Puffs,” and “Daisy Children.” I just can’t focus on all of these at once.

A friend recommended that I start individual notebooks for my projects, and I’m really glad I took that bit of advice. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Oh, speaking of writing in notebooks, I accept donations and gifts of fountain pens. I’m so thoroughly addicted now, it isn’t even funny.

On the zombie side of my writing career, “Blood Soaked and Gone,” is back into the top 100 on Kindle Horror Comedy. Yes, my other books were mismarketed…however, they’ve started selling again. Not a lot, but some. I’m good with that…and I think I’ve completely rewired the plot of book 4, “Blood Soaked and Denied.”

Yes, I said it. There will be a Blood Soaked 4. It will not be published by Permuted Press. Chances are, I’ll self pub it.

What bothers me is that I see a place where I could write a fifth. I do not want to keep adding “power ups” to characters to keep a series going. My goal is to find loopholes in characters’ assumptions, and decisions, in order to tell a story that makes sense. That’s also why I don’t let characters know everything about who and what they are; they have to figure it out on their own.

Life does not come with an instruction manual. Writing sure as hell doesn’t.

Anyhow, that’s the news from my messy desk. I hope you guys are well!

I want to make it official, Blood Soaked 4 is in progress

I think I’m at a point in the manuscript where I can definitively say that I like it enough to keep working on it. Things are just under 10k words at the moment, but the tone is pretty clear, and plot forks are already developing.

The title is “Blood Soaked and Denied.”

I don’t know if my publisher will pick this one up or not, but they do have a 180 day exclusive consideration period. That basically means that I can’t shop it until 180 days after the manuscript is finished, and Permuted decides they don’t want it.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give you some kind of teaser from the work in progress, so here it is.

Matthew, my son, will fall asleep in his mother’s arms. He’ll get a rest from having a brain the size of a planet, and a body that has trouble crawling. At least he doesn’t sprout pseudopods and sucker-walk his way up walls. That’s his daddy’s job.