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Permuted Press changes

My publisher is altering their print-on-demand program, eliminating it on Amazon. I don’t know when the actual change will occur, but if you wanted print copies of Blood Soaked and Contagious or Blood Soaked and Invaded, you’d better get them now.

I don’t know whether Blood Soaked and Gone will be available in print or not, but be sure to snag the e-book when it comes out. I don’t think the 12/16/14 release date has changed, but I’ll be sure to post about it if it does.



Blood Soaked and Gone

I turned in the edited manuscript for Blood Soaked and Gone today. It contains a dedication that the original version didn’t have. I wanted to post it here, too.

I’m dedicating this book to my popgun, Elise.

Sometimes a friend becomes a sibling. Elise Soroka was like my wayward, fey older sister. She was an inspiration to me in many ways, not the least of which was following my love of fine art.

We drifted apart, as family members often do, and reconnected in much the same way: unexpectedly. It was grand!

You’ll notice if you read Blood Soaked and Invaded, I named a gun after her. Why? She was tiny, fast moving, and never failed to impact my life. I don’t think she ever knew how much.

About the same time that my editor returned this manuscript to me, she passed away. Her liver failed, and she nearly died. A transplant opportunity materialized as if by magic, and she endured the surgery, something the doctors hadn’t really expected, and started to thrive.

She contracted a post-op fungal infection and it spread through her like wildfire. Before I knew it, before I’d been able to see her, she died.

I never told her that her alter ego in my books is a gun. She would have laughed and punched me in the arm.

I miss her, love her, and will never forget her.