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The giveaway supporting “Blood Soaked and Gone”

Blood_Soaked_And_GoneThere’s a giveaway going on! Until 2/17/2015 you can enter to win a hand forged knife (made by yours truly; $350 value, and more info can be seen here), a bespoke short story with you as the main character (any genre you like; priceless), or a set of all three Blood Soaked e-books (or trade up to a page of my hand written notes for plotlines that never happened…or have yet to happen)!

All you have to do to enter is spread the good word on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me @crawford4033, and like my author page on Facebook. Then drop me a line at book3@bloodsoakedandwriting.com (that way I know you’re you). BANG! You’ll be entered!

Don’t miss out. This is going to be fun!

Get out there and toot some horns!

Blood Soaked and Gone

I am told it is up for pre-order now. However, there was something else I wanted to share. I’ve been fiddling with digital painting and image alteration, Frank seemed like an excellent choice to fiddle around with.

Try this on for size.


Raffle for “Blood Soaked and Gone!”

I mentioned that I was going to run a raffle/contest/something for BSAG. Well, I’ve finally decided on the terms and prizes. This event starts on 1/1/15, so don’t enter ahead of time!

To enter: I’m going to ask three things of the raffle participants. Like my Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter. Send me an email at book3@bloodsoakedandwriting.com to let me know you’ve done those things.

Particulars: the day after the book is released, I will draw three names at random. First name gets first prize, and so on.


Grand Prize: a knife handmade by me, including an oiled leather belt sheath. Here’s a horrible cell phone photo (wife’s gonna kill me)

Hand forged 1075HC steel blade, clouds & lightning carving; brass guard; stag handle with cocobolo cap
Hand forged 1075HC steel blade, clouds & lightning carving; brass guard; stag handle with cocobolo cap

Second Prize: a short story with the winner as the main character, you choose the genre

Third Prize: your choice of free e-books of the “Blood Soaked” trilogy, or a page from my notes that I wrote while writing it.

There you have it.