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Paul at Audio Book Reviewer interviews David Stifle!

For those of you who haven’t heard the audio versions of my first two novels, they were narrated by the one and only David Stifle. As far as I’m concerned, the sun shines out of David’s navel. He did amazing work for me, through Audible.

Paul’s interview is really great, and I strongly suggest you give it a read over at AudioBookReviewer!

As I said, there are changes with my publisher

I’m going to submit Gabrielle Faust’s experience without comment, and then get along to what I’ve got to say. So, Gabrielle.


Blood Soaked and Gone has been pushed back to a tentative February 2015 release. It will be available in e-book formats only. I’m not thrilled, but I grasp their reasoning.

There’s a bright side to Permuted Press killing their print on demand arm. I’m grandfathered into the new program by virtue of having the first two books in print already. The new program is they are working with another provider and distributor. This means (I had to confirm it) my first two titles will be available to order in book stores.

I’ll be able to have real book signings.

Now, what I hope to do, with the blessings of my publisher, is write a novella that takes place between Invaded and Gone. This will be self-published, if I can get it done with everything else that is going on. The tentative titles are “Blood Soaked: Bootleg,” and “Blood Soaked: Black Arm.”

I hope you are all doing well!

Permuted Press changes

My publisher is altering their print-on-demand program, eliminating it on Amazon. I don’t know when the actual change will occur, but if you wanted print copies of Blood Soaked and Contagious or Blood Soaked and Invaded, you’d better get them now.

I don’t know whether Blood Soaked and Gone will be available in print or not, but be sure to snag the e-book when it comes out. I don’t think the 12/16/14 release date has changed, but I’ll be sure to post about it if it does.