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When characters attack, today on Fox

I’ve often described the part of my brain where the characters in my writing gather and kvetch as “The Green Room”. Well, there’s been some stomping in the green room since the 3 star review yesterday. Charlie’s a little annoyed about it, and I don’t think she’ll let me rest until I let her have a say.

So, here’s Charlotte Marie Cooper from BSAC to comment on the review.


I was fine with the review for a while, but then it started to bother me. I am not one dimensional. Granted, James didn’t write in a reason for my appearance in the story, and he’ll pay for that I assure you. In their defense, I have to say I never told him or Frank why I showed up, so there’s no reason they’d be able to relate that story.

Be that as it may, I am a complex character filled with my own unique motivations. I became, rather quickly, part of the social glue that holds our community together. Sure, I’m a little Heinlein-ian, what with the martial skills, degrees and massage therapy training… Which brings me to…

…”R” suggests that I come off as a nerdy guy’s version of a Hottie. Well, does that really surprise you? Come on! James IS a nerd and a geek! Christ! He wrote a zombie book full of guns, gore, romance, and things with sharp blades… If that ain’t a nerd, I don’t know what is!

{Um, excuse me, but in my defense, I OW! identify more OW! as a Geek. OW! }

Shut up Jimmy. It’s my turn.

In short, I kick ass. I kill zombies. I look good. I’m smarter than Frank, my brother, and a host of these other minor characters. (Sorry, y’all.) I play a pivotal role in motivating Frankie the Naked Mole Rat… Dude! The list goes on! I could have a book of my own if James Furry New Author Man Crawford would get off his ass.

Hear me Jimmy?

This has been a character commentary session with the leading lady from Blood Soaked and Contagious. I hope you have enjoyed hearing what she had to say, and I hope she’ll stop stomping around in my skull now that she’s vented.


I’m not done with stomping around yet.