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Yeehaw, an update!

I’ve been lax so far. I apologize. There’s a lot going on on various fronts that I’d like to share.

Blood Soaked and Gone, the third book in my zombie series, is tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

Blood Soaked and Contagious will be available in German, in Germany, probably in the 3rd quarter of this year.

I am shopping the manuscript for Manleigh Cheese. If I don’t get positive responses from agents, I’ll self publish it. I’m in a much better position, as far as experience goes, to make that work. I’ve also started a little work on the sequel.

That being said, one of the things I ran into with Manleigh Cheese is that I’ve got a rich group of characters and situations to work with. Part of what I’m envisioning, as far as sequels go, is something like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: many plot lines occurring in the same universe, with the same magical rules.

Manleigh Cheese rides the line of urban fantasy/comedy, and another story I’m working on (set in that universe) is more suspenseful than funny.

I’m also working on expanding and re-releasing Super Love: Kaiju, one of my earlier efforts, as part of a three-story volume. It will probably be called Super Love: Combo, and include “Kaiju,” “Her,” and “Stag.” (Yes, you haven’t read those two yet.)

Again, Super Love: Combo is going to be the first in a series of similar volumes. I just started on the first story for the next set, “Clinical.”

So, yes, there’s a good bit going on over here. Please keep spreading the good word about me, because it really does impact my success in a palpable way. Thank you for your support!

An inspirational young woman.

I don’t comment on other people’s blogs very often, but when I read Amanda Fanger’s recent post, I felt compelled to. She’s an inspirational person, and I need to keep her in my head for when I want to stop writing. Writers understand something key about this craft that the average Joe doesn’t.

This thing we do is HARD. It hurts sometimes, bad enough that you want to walk away and never do it again. It haunts you when you don’t do it… unless, it isn’t truly a part of who you are. Then you can stop.

I have wanted to stop. I’ve tried to stop. I can’t.

I have to move forward.

Is there something in your life that requires you to move forward, not give up? What is the Muse for you?

The internet is creepy

I installed a plug-in that allows me to see the IP addresses and general locations of people who visit this site. I know that I’ve got readers in Brazil (?!), California, South Dakota, France (?!), Maryland, Virginia, and Washington state. I’ve also got a recurring reader from the UK.

I just wanted to give a shout out to whomever it is at Dove Publishing who reads my work. I know you all do books about cars, many of which are written by Eric Dymock. Thank you Google and Anonymous Reader at DovePub!

If you ever branch out into publishing fiction, give me a call.

This is SO CREEPY! No wonder the NSA and DHS are so hot for internet wiretapping. If I can get this from one donation-ware plug-in, I can’t imagine what sort of data they can get with just an IP address. (To say nothing of the INDUSTRY of data mining for commercial purposes.)

Of course, the crap works both ways. You can find out a whole lot about me, just by looking up the registration information on the domain name. At times like this, I don’t know whether to be paranoid, or just confident that there’s really no such thing as privacy anymore.