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I’d mentioned watercolors

I write, and I paint. How about that!

One of the things I’ve learned as a writer and craftsperson: creativity will NOT stay still. It can be paused, but if you’re willing to try other things, it will prevail.

Cup and Pens, 2015

When I’m not commenting on Permuted Press…

…editing, writing, job-hunting, eating or sleeping, I make things.

This set of claws is for a client in Baltimore. I don’t get worried by my own work very often, but these suckers put the fear of…creepy things that will eat me…into my heart. I’m proud of them, but will be happy when they’re on their way to their new mommy.

Crawford Claws
Baltimore client’s set

A fascination from my crafty life.

Chasing and repousse are complimentary decorative metal arts that never cease to amaze me. I’ll also add hand engraving to that list, because it is a skill that is eluding me… and I hate skills that I can’t learn, or have STEEP learning curves.

You’ve seen some of my chasing and repousse work on this site already. Those were crafted using a substitute for real chasing pitch, made from melted sealing wax, beeswax, and gypsum powder. Up to a point, it works fairly well, but not when you want detail; it is too soft.

Earlier this week, I sucked it up and ordered real chasing pitch from Chasers Pitch, and the difference is amazing. I posted these examples on my metalcraft blog, but I thought I’d share them here, too.

New chasing and repousse examples. Copper, fine silver, and brass.

So, this is why I haven’t added to Manleigh Cheese today. Metal craft took up my writing time yesterday.

Of course, the question is… now that I can do this… What do I do with all these little pieces of art I’m making?