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I get amazing emails first thing in the morning.

When did I hear that my books were going to be printed? In the morning when I checked my email.

When did I hear about Audible producing their versions? In the morning, before my coffee.

When did I get an amazing email from the actor narrating my work for Audible? First thing this morning. It is so impressive, I want to share it with you.

Dear James,
Just touching base as I complete the narration on Book 1.
I have enjoyed this writing immeasurably!  As I’ve played back the narration to self-proof my work, I have found myself laughing out loud – hard! – numerous times. (I’m the guy who was called sober-sides as a youth – it takes a lot to make me laugh in the privacy of my own home.)  And then when I’m weak with amusement, you sneak up behind and slam a two by four into my emotional knees with a deep dose of pathos or whatchamacallit.
In short, what a delicious piece of writing – and it carries through non-stop into Book 2. I’m truly kissed by the gods to have had the opportunity to give voice to this work.  My deep thanks to you for this wonderful jewel for the treasure heap of mankind (I think that’s a John Barth image, but one I’ve appropriated and kept.)…

My reaction, in short, is OMG. So much so, I forwarded it to my publisher. My publisher responded with:

Most people don’t hear a word from their audible reader. That’s pretty amazing.

Congratulations, sir!

Now, we’ve got to try to get it on more people’s radar.

I’m continuing my experience of feeling insanely grateful to be where I am, considering I was fighting, and losing, Amazon two years ago. Wow. Just wow.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get where I am.


I am now a paid author. My first royalty check from Amazon arrived today.


I could say so much about this, torn between putting my head in my hands and doing a little victory dance. What I’m going to do is take the road less traveled by, and say this:

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, pissed me off, commented, Tweeted, Googled, blogged, and read the things I’ve had to say. I have learned so much, and can honestly say the experiences leading up to this royalty payment have been life-changing.

Thank you.