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Pinned them down

Four of the five Pendy siblings stayed put in my head long enough for me to sketch them. So, for everyone reading the Manleigh Cheese ebooks, or are following along in Part 2, these are the faces I see when I write these stories. I hope you enjoy them.

A bit of teaser art

This image is by my old and dear friend Elise Soroka. She’s the artist who offered to read my writing and see what inspires her to illustrate.

A little history: we went to High School together. I have ALWAYS admired her work, even when we were competing for “Art Teacher’s Pet” position. The difference these days is that she’s spent 20 years honing her skills in fine art where I haven’t. It shows.

Here’s an illustration she did for Brutalian (a zine that went under not too long ago).

Elise Soroka illustration