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Post Permuted Press Vitriol

Okay, my feelings about my publisher are out here for you to read, so I won’t belabor that issue by going back over it. Suffice it to say, we lost authors, and that sucks.

Ultimately, the reason I’m staying with Permuted Press for the length of my contracts is the wonderful bunch of authors I get to call “peers” and “friends.” Let me tell you, there are some wonderful and sweet people here. I could name a ton of them, but that’s not why I’m writing this.

I’m also trying to stay connected to the authors who have parted ways, because they’re pretty snazzy, too…except when they spew feces.

See, I met this lovely chap when I was in Nashville a month ago. You want to talk about a nice, self-effacing, mild mannered, person you want to hug and make pasta for, Derek is that dude. I wish he lived closer, and THAT is saying something.

I like Sean Hoade, don’t get me wrong. His bitterness appeals to me, but enough. Hate on Permuted Press all you like, but don’t involve good people who were (and are) your peers. That is unkind, unfair, and does not paint a pretty picture of you… or generate sympathy.

We have a tough row to hoe, and no mistake, but it pays to be compassionate, friendly, and understanding. Why? In this day and age, your “competitors” are also your best possible allies. Don’t alienate people who can help you, stick with them.

Sean, please don’t misunderstand me. I consider you a friend, a resource, and someone I’d like to eat BBQ with, but be careful where you aim when you expectorate. Derek doesn’t deserve the spray.

As I said, there are changes with my publisher

I’m going to submit Gabrielle Faust’s experience without comment, and then get along to what I’ve got to say. So, Gabrielle.


Blood Soaked and Gone has been pushed back to a tentative February 2015 release. It will be available in e-book formats only. I’m not thrilled, but I grasp their reasoning.

There’s a bright side to Permuted Press killing their print on demand arm. I’m grandfathered into the new program by virtue of having the first two books in print already. The new program is they are working with another provider and distributor. This means (I had to confirm it) my first two titles will be available to order in book stores.

I’ll be able to have real book signings.

Now, what I hope to do, with the blessings of my publisher, is write a novella that takes place between Invaded and Gone. This will be self-published, if I can get it done with everything else that is going on. The tentative titles are “Blood Soaked: Bootleg,” and “Blood Soaked: Black Arm.”

I hope you are all doing well!

Good morning, I have an opinion.

This entered my world today.

You know I’m not one to respond to much, but this frosts me. While it is true that not all writers are good ones, and not all authors will make money (or even publish in the traditional way), the underlying discrimination in the article is plain… and as far as I’m concerned, detrimental to the writer’s craft as a whole.

Why? That person who has yet to attain Kozlowski-Author status may reach it in time. Crush their spirit before they get there, and they may not continue. Without their work and participation in the world of writing, we stand to lose something

The thing that we lose has no distinct measurement: the passion and energy of a new writer. Coupled with that, we lose their potential participation in writer’s groups, critical pursuits, and brainstorming sessions.

Is being elitist worth the loss of potential participants?

My personal point of view is closer to the old British legal concept of “the thing and the very thing.”

If it is made of flour, a liquid, yeast, and baked, it is bread.

If you write a book, published or not, you are an author.

If you write at all, you are a writer.

As a former art student, and fine artist, I can teach ANYONE to draw. That is simply technique. The student’s passion, interest, innate talent, and willingness to practice, dictate their chances of success. Being a writer, or an author, is no different.

Modern electronic publishing, whether it is web content, fiction, non-fiction, short, or long, is a gaping maw. There is room for everyone. Success will happen for individuals like it always does, as a combo platter of serendipity, recognition, and excellence of work.