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A review of BSAC on Amazon

Karl gave me three stars and said the following: “The zombies in this book aren’t like the zombies you’re used to. They can think, they can talk, they move fast, and they feel pain. In other words, they’re almost indistinguishable from humans. Which is a big problem for me, as a fan of zombie books, because if you strip off the label of zombies, this may as well be a book about a battle between two groups of humans. Taken in that context, this becomes just an average book.”

I had to respond to his review. Personally, I’m tired (and have been) with mindless, eating machines. Where is the challenge in an enemy that can be defeated by: force of arms; laying in wait until it is over; or running away to a deserted location? There isn’t any.

The attraction of gore and people being eaten doesn’t hold me for very long.

Now, he does make a valid point. How are my zombies zombies… Well, they died, came back, and are out to get people. Those are two of the major qualifications of zombiehood. Mindlessness? Like I said, it just doesn’t make me want to get out of the chair.

Give me a critter who can think, wants to eat me, and is willing to mess with me in order to make it easier!

Okay. That’s my message from the “front”.