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There is now a donation button in the sidebar.

Consider donating if you feel I got a raw deal with Amazon, and you got the book for free (review it on Amazon, too, if you have the time). This way, you don’t have to buy something twice, and what you feel like paying goes to me, not Amazon.

I appreciate your support in whatever way you choose to show it.

Don’t let the problems with Amazon’s system go unnoticed by up and coming new authors.


Now that’s just warped.

From a Facebook convo about my Amazon “fun”…

MNH:I sense a movie about your book that should be made into a movie!

James Crawford: Oh hell no! More like an e-book.

JS: So who will they cast to play Jim? grin

James Crawford: With my luck, Seth Rogen. But it ought to be Kevin Smith. Hear that Kevin?!

This was so absurd that I needed to post it elsewhere. I will say, absurd or not, I would sit down with Kevin Smith over coffee ANYTIME. What the hell… Kevin, drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy of Blood Soaked and Contagious. You might like it.