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A Possible New Project

The Little Book of Zombie Prayer. It will feature such heart-warming favorites as:

“For my friend (insert name here)”

Lord Jesus,

Here lies my friend and companion
(insert name here)
A good and honest soul
Who lived life according to
Your blessed teaching

(insert name here) sent many
Abominations to the foot of your
Mighty Throne for Judgment and
The hope of your mercy…
Until today, Oh Lord.

My brother/sister in Christ,
(insert name here) fell doing your holy work.
They set upon him/her, Oh Lord,
And tore him/her to shreds,
Leaving him/her to rise again, evil.

Forgive me Lord Jesus,
I smote my brother/sister (insert name here) before
He/she could rise again and smite me.
I took his/her head in the name of
The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost.

May the light of your mercy shine upon him/her,
And upon us to whom this duty fell.