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Blood Soaked book five

Usually, I don’t start a book until I’ve finished a manuscript for the preceding book. Apparently, Blood Soaked 5 is going to work in a different way. I found myself in my favorite coffee shop writing serious notes on the plot for #5, and it even has a title: Blood Soaked and Unleashed.

I really hadn’t planned on a fifth in the series. Then again, I hadn’t planned on Blood Soaked and Denied (#4) either. I know that I could wrap stuff up in 4, in such a way as to conclude the zombie storyline. That could be enough.

Number 5 would be almost straight sci-fi, but dark. Based on the notes I’ve made, I’ll be hard-pressed to stay in a good mood while writing it.

I’m going to bet, if you’ve read Blood Soaked and Contagious, and Blood Soaked and Invaded, you might have a clue (based on the title) of what Blood Soaked and Unleashed might be.

Since I’m updating on my progress, we still don’t have a confirmed release date for Blood Soaked and Gone (#3). My wife, superb graphic designer, is still working on the cover art. Let me tell you, she’s particular, and that makes her the amazing creative that she is.

I find myself looking forward to the editing process for #3. I know there are continuity errors, and I’d like to fix them.

I hope everyone is well on the first Monday of June 2014. Cheers.

New idea & What I’ve been up to

The Man Scythe was a great idea for anti-zombie combat, but I’ve been wondering if a spear or halberd wouldn’t be a better choice. For normal people, you’d want to be as far away from a zombie in melee combat as possible. A spear would let you stay out of arms’ reach.

What happens when I have an idea for a bladed weapon? I have to design the thing. Once again, this is beyond my skill to make. I’d need Tony Swatton to do it.

Maybe I will, some day. I know the guy from the knifemaking world, and he is absolutely as good as he claims to be. His stories from doing props in Hollywood are epic.

In the meantime, allow me to introduce the Carver Anti-Zombie weapon.

Carver Spear
Copyright James Crawford, 2014

In the realm of real blades, I’ve been working on a shirasaya mounting for a traditional tanto that I forged last year. Wooden sheaths are NOT EASY, and I think I’d rather have someone else do them for me. (Now it makes sense why Japanese swordsmiths farm out all the other operations in the process of making a complete sword.)

33mm tanto
33mm tanto in shirasaya. Hand forged 1075 HC steel. German silver habaki.

I broke the “zombie rule”.

This isn’t news to anyone who’s read the “Blood Soaked” books. For those of you who might be new around here, I thought I’d get into why I made that choice.

Yes, it was a choice on my part.

There are two reasons that I made my zombies sentient. The first reason is the easiest: brainless creatures don’t scare me. I get my freak out on over thinking creatures that understand that I’m a living being, but are going to kill/eat me anyway.

Hannibal Lecter. (chills)

Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. (I refuse to own that movie because it wigs me out.)

The original version of the Alien from the eponymous film. That thing was the extraterrestrial honey badger. He just didn’t give a shit.

The original Terminator. Same thing. It will not stop until you are dead.

Brainless zombies? Not so much. Still, to paraphrase “Aliens”… Nuke them from orbit.

However, they do lead into my second reason for making my zombies conscious: nature abhors a vacuum. Zombies that arise from the natural world—be it man’s manipulation of the natural world, or another explanation—don’t have a purpose other than wholesale destruction. They don’t fill a void, or have a prolonged impact (longevity) beyond some kind of breeding.

Ultimately, they rot and become fertilizer. There’s no production or role for them, other than mayhem and mulch for heirloom tomatoes.

Not very exciting. Gory? Absolutely. Dangerous? For sure! Kill them with fire, and then go back to rebuilding society.

On the other hand, if zombies were around long enough for the natural world to accept their presence and adjust to them… I wonder what Mother Nature would create as the counter to mindless killing and consumption. There’s an interesting topic. Don’t you think?