Writing Links


Bookshelf Bombshells Excellent reviews, brains, and fun! Personally, I can’t wait until they start doing self-published books.

GoodReads Honestly, its a good resource, social center and place to solicit reviews.

Bookie Monster This is an up and coming review site that also does great interviews. I really, really, recommend you keep an eye on them.


Karen Fletcher Design This is the fabulous designer who created the cover for Blood Soaked and Contagious. I can’t say enough good things about her, and that isn’t because we’re married. Her work is just that good.

Booknibbles I’m looking forward to the roll out of this product. It has the potential to be a really handy tool for e-book authors like me.


Cindy Young-Turner Cindy is an old friend of mine, and I am proud to list her link here. More than that, her first novel Thief of Hope is a very good read. Be sure to check it out at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Misty Massey Here is the link for a friend of mine to whom I owe a significant debt, speaking as a new author. Misty was kind enough to tell me that I wasn’t crazy when I needed to hear it. Check out her book at Amazon.com!

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